Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Organized Pantry

Lately, I have been on a mission to get my home organized. But last week I totally focused on the pantry. Everyone says the key to good cooking is a fully stocked pantry and I have tried to stock the pantry in the past but ended up with tons of things we didn’t use. In order to really stock my pantry, I looked at the last year of menu to find out what I really used and what I didn’t. 

I made an excel pantry list and set about to put items on the list that I needed. 

In addition, I reorganized the pantry. 

Bought vacuum sealed canisters for snacks and dry foods. Originally I bought this set from Bed, Bath and Beyond. But several days ago, found these at Walmart. One third the price and still vacuumed sealed. So I finished the pantry with those canisters.

Looks so much better and fully stocked. I have ordered a rotating can shelf to make sure the oldest cans are used first

Something about an organized pantry sets my heart a flutter. 

Here is my excel sheet that you can adapt 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We have a layer of snow this morning and everyone is on a two hour delay! I love snow days and think breakfast should be special. One of my favorite breakfast items is to bake is Popovers. I love them. Delicious, eggy, airy but I have to be honest, I did not master them until last year. Occasionally a popover would rise and be wonderful but I could never make them consistently perfect. Well I finally mastered the popovers so I wanted to share the tricks with you!

Here is the trick...

1.    Start with a hot, buttered pan.
2.    Make sure your eggs and milk are at room temperature. This step ensures that the mixture is smooth and silky.
3.    Only fill the popover cup 1/3 to 1/2 full. No more. That was the mistake I made for years. I overfilled the popover pan.
4.    Make sure the oven is preheated and when you put the pan in, do not open the oven.

A surefire way to make the best popovers ever!!!


1 1/2 c. of flour
1 ½ T of butter, melted
¾ t. kosher salt
3 eggs at room temperature
1 ½ c milk at room temperature

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees
Grease the aluminum popover pan with softened butter. This recipe makes 9 to 12 popovers. Preheat the pans in the oven for two minutes before you put the recipe in the pans. Whisk flour, salt, eggs, milk and melted butter until smooth. The batter is super thin. Fill the popover pans less than half full and bake for 30 minutes. Do not open the oven.
Perfect popovers for breakfast.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Menu and Goals Week Ending February 1, 2015

This week is the first full week of classes. Back to real life. Christmas break was so productive, I organized closets, the garage, and my pantry. I took bags to Goodwill, sold stuff on Ebay and blessed some others with my unwanted items. I am far from done but have made a tremendous dent.

This week, the organization continues. I am working through my craft area. Nothing major but just cleaning and tweaking. With the house organized, I do feel lighter and more on my game. 

We are also getting ready for the Superbowl. A day of food, family and fun. My plan is to make a dinner buffet, have the kids early to eat and then play games until the game starts. 

What is on your agenda this week?


Cobb Salad


Pork Lo Mein
Fried Rice
Steamed Dumpling
Egg Rolls


Out to dinner with the family


Skillet Lasagna
Cesar Salad


Individual Chicken Pot Pie


Make your own pizza bar
Garden Salad

Sunday Superbowl

BBQ Ribs
Hasselback Potatoes
Cole Slaw

Football shaped Brownies

Game Time

Guacamole and Chips
Pizza Bites
Veggies and Dip
Chex Mix